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Orgonite Eye Healing Experiment

SuperiorLifeEnergy Orgonite

A while ago, I got pink eye in my left eye, and things haven’t quite been the same since. The antibiotics knocked me for a bit of a loop, and this cold, dry weather that won’t quit hasn’t been helping my eyes or my sinuses. I’ve been dealing with some redness and dryness that generally fades throughout the day, a bit of a stressed out feeling in my other eye, and almost daily (but mild) nosebleeds.

I’ve been eating and drinking what I can to help, and have been trying to keep rested. I wasn’t really making much progress, but some orgonite that I received from SuperiorLifeEnergy seems to be the extra bit of help that I needed. It’s been traveling with me around the house, and is left on the humidifier at night. I felt so stagnated with my eyes, but there’s been some definite progress!

And… I found out that’s without even properly programming it with my intent! Today (3/7/2014), I learned how to better use it for healing purposes. Instead of just writing my intent on a slip of paper and leaving it under the orgonite, like I’ve seen others do with crystals, I really should be meditating with it. So, after I finish the MarchKundaliniMadness challenge from TheGivingMom  on Instagram tonight, I’ll start meditating with it before I set it on the humidifier for the night.

This post will update daily, until I’m completely over my eye issues. So, keep a watch on this post!

Basic Orgonite


Orgonite is generally made from metal shaving and resin mixed in a 50/50, along with several quartz crystals. However, various crystals can be made, and the ratio of metal to resin may vary. There are many positive attributes associated with it, most notably the ability to reduce the negative effects of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) on health. If you’re interested in the science behind this, you may want to click the image above, for further information.

My Orgonite from SuperiorLifeEnergy

This particular piece of orgonite includes: amethyst (can help or reduce migraine), carnelian (increases energy and stabilizes chakras), hematite (great for stress reduction, and has been used to stop bleeding and swelling since ancient times), blue kyanite (has the ability to align all chakras during meditation), sea shells (healing energy from the sea.

Email or call/text 215 834 9223 to place an order.

He’s an amazing artist to work with, and has been helping me so much throughout this whole experiment. I highly recommend checking out his work!

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He also makes orgonite pendants, crystal jewelry, bracelets, and more!

Experiment Time!


Picked up my orgonite from the Post Office! It’s absolutely beautiful and has a very nice energy to it; very loving and healing. After taking photos, I told it my intentions for each place I took it, and basically treated it like a little buddy. What? Crystals have personalities. Why shouldn’t orgonite? I just feel better talking to it, okay?

I had woken up with eye gunk and a dry, red left eye. The right eye felt fine in the morning, but started to feel stressed out towards the middle of the day. Kept the orgonite near my computer for the rest of the night, then set it on my humidifier before bed. Had some trouble getting to sleep because of the eye discomfort. Slept okay.


Woke up with eye gunk in my left eye, along with it being dry and red. The right one didn’t look too bad, and felt okay most of the day, until the evening came. Slept okay.


Still some redness and dryness in the left eye. Right eye felt fine upon waking, but started to feel stressed out in the evening. Slept decently, but had a little trouble falling asleep because of the discomfort.


Still some redness and dryness in the left eye upon waking, and some eye gunk. Woke up with the right eye feeling better for most of the day. Didn’t notice it feeling stressed until maybe an hour or so before going to sleep. I feel like I’ve been making progress!


No eye gunk, but a little redness in the left eye. Right eye felt fine for the whole day. Didn’t notice it feeling stressed out until I went to bed. Couldn’t clear my mind, and I think that was affecting it.


Didn’t sleep with the orgonite on the humidifier. Instead, I left it in the window with a bowl of chia seeds and almond milk. Woke up with a little eye gunk and redness in the left eye, and the right eye was fine. The chia porridge was about as good as usual but, man, did it give me a buzz! I had enough energy to flit around the house like a humming bird! Right eye still felt fine at bedtime, too.


Went to bed totally exhausted and didn’t realize that I forgot to put the orgonite on the humidifier. No eye gunk, but the left one was red and kind of dry. The right one felt fine the whole day and night.


Remembered to put the orgonite back on the humidifier, and decided to write my intention on a piece of paper and slide it under the orgonite. Some eye gunk in the left eye. Still a bit red upon waking, and felt kind of dry. Right eye is still feeling good, though. Slept like the dead. Not even my husband getting ready for work woke me up. Totally out cold.


A little bit of eye gunk in the left eye, but it hardly looked red at all and wasn’t dry. Both eyes were pretty comfortable during the whole day, and feel a lot better. Slept well, but woke up around 6am totally energized, even though I think I only got maybe 5 hours of sleep.


Went a step backwards. Both eyes were somewhat red and had eye gunk. Not sure if maybe I didn’t drink enough before bed, especially since I stressed my eyes out a bit when I got upset a little before bed. The left one has been a bit dry throughout the day, but the right has been fine. Slept well. Woke up around 7am, cleaned the gunk out of my eyes, had some coconut water to help rehydrate and went back to sleep until 10am. Both eyes were still a bit red, but no more eye gunk.


Slept like a log and really didn’t want to get up. Woke up with a stuffy nose, scratchy throat, and dry eyes with a bit of gunk in the left one. I looked incredibly pale after my shower last night, and I’ve been cold. I think maybe that time of the month is on it’s way, and may have weakened my body enough to let my dust allergies bug me… Cleared up throughout the day, but I remained a little pale and groggy. Wanting to hibernate is definitely another sign that time is getting closer… If it is, I’ll be posting experiment logs on orgonite for PMS.


Woke up with just a little bit of eye gunk in the left eye, but it was hardly noticeable without close inspection. Both eyes were a little red, but not too bad. I had a little bit of dryness in the left eye, upon waking, but it quickly faded. I feel pretty good right now (about 9pm). Going to grab some couscous with carrots, peppers, tomatoes, and a little bit of black pepper and olive oil and have a hot cup of AllergEase tea before I get started on catching up on yoga challenges and meditate.


Felt pretty good in the morning. No eye gunk, and just a little bit of redness in the left eye. The right one started feeling a little funny towards the middle of the day. Could have been the cold weather affecting it. Seems like temperature drops aggravate it. I’m not sure if it’s the cold, pressure, or maybe the mold count. I have mold and dust allergies, by the way. Had some nettle tea, did my yoga challenges and meditated. Felt better, but super tired. Noticed a little bit of spotting. So, my period may be playing with me, too. It’s said that you can drop 2 degrees in body temperature during your period, and I have been cold. Topped off with the cold weather, it’s probably not the best for me. May try to research warm foods to see if that makes a difference.


No eye gunk. Still had some redness in the left eye. Had a little bit of a weird feeling in the right eye again. I was out in the cold weather for a while, and it started feeling weird. Ended up having a leg cramp towards the end of the night, and started my period. Make some makeshift electrolyte drink and meditated for a while. I felt better, but really groggy and a bit cold.


Still no more eye gunk. Yay! A little more on the red side, though, but not uncomfortable. I was doing pretty well with my eyes and period, until around maybe 8-something PM. It started off with another leg cramp, then menstrual cramps. Really didn’t want to try to meditate. It was one of those curl-up-into-a-ball-and-just-let-me-die kind of deals… Probably didn’t help that I had to finish laundry. Soaked my feet in herbal salts to help my leg, rehydrated, tried to at least concentrate on my breathing in-between laundry, and took my shower early. Curled up on the couch with a microwave hot pad thingy, tried to concentrate on my breathing and fell asleep. Woke up a few hours later from my cramps, reheated my pad, and went back to sleep. Was woken up around 3am by my leg cramping…


No eye gunk, but still some redness. Not too bad with my period either, until around 3pm. Took an early shower and relaxed and meditated the rest of the night, until snuggles and a movie. A little before the movie, my right eye had started feeling funny. Kept my eyes closed most of the time, and it felt better. Fought around with my menstrual cup before bed, because I was having difficulty getting it back in right after emptying and cleaning it. Gave up and used a pad. Felt a little worse after all that, but slept well.


A little dry and itchy, but no eye gunk. Still kind of tired from cramping and blood loss. I have no idea what’s with this month, but my period is heavier and feels worse. Can’t remember if I had a light one last month. Probably did, and now I’m paying for it, since that’s usually how it goes. Felt pretty good most of the day, then just wanted to crash around evening time. Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy….


Woke up early in the morning with a leg cramp, but my eyes were doing pretty well, aside from being a little dry. Drank some coconut water to rehydrate, then got the microwave heat pad out and meditated a bit with it on my leg. Went back to sleep, once the pain subsided, then woke up a few hours later with it again. Had some salty tomatoes, which helped, and was fine the rest of the day. If you get cramps, chances are you need to replenish electrolytes. Coconut water, salty tomatoes, and lemon water with a bit of salt are all good for helping with that.


The day started out alright, with just a little bit of dryness and itchiness. Around late afternoon, when I was working on trying to get all my tax stuff ready, my right eye started feeling stressed out. So behind in all of my yoga challenges and meditation… Period + tax season = bleh….


Feeling better, but the right eye feels a little weird still. I think I stressed myself out too much trying to get everything ready for taxes. Plus, I didn’t sleep well at all. Kept waking up. Too tired to meditate, but to anxious I guess to stay asleep. And, with trying to catch up on my Influenster stuff, because the final survey is up and there has been no email when the final date for submission is, my right eye felt worse as the night went on.


Feeling pretty good. No real issues in the morning or the rest of the day.


Same as yesterday. I think I may finally be over this!


A little bit of issues, but I think it mostly has to do with the cold, since the temperature dropped outside. Not really sure how that works on my eyes, but I think it’s safe to say that the orgonite has pretty much cleared me up completely. Woohoo!

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