Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review of OraMD

The Mouth Doctor OraMD

If you're interested in natural products for oral hygiene, you may have come across something called OraMD. It's an all-natural toothpaste/mouthwash kind of combo (well, as close as oil can come to toothpaste) that has only 3 ingredients: almond oil, spearmint oil, and peppermint oil. There's no flouride, glycerin, silica, SLS, GMOs or other nasties in it that can be bad for your health. Nope, this product is pure and simple. And, if you don't like it, there's a 365-day money-back guarantee (as long as you follow the set of instructions it comes with).

For those who are concerned with the health of their gums, this product has anti-bacterial properties and boasts the ability to kill the bacteria that cause receding gums.


The 15 ml bottle came in a small box, along with a print-out of information and instructions. Information and instructions are also provided on the bottle, along with contact information and the manufacturer’s website.

Amber glass protects the oils from sunlight, which could cause them to degrade. The cap can be unscrewed to reveal a recessed dropper spout, which allows a drop through at a time. Should you choose to take it with you, it can easily fit in a pocket or purse, and is a little smaller than a travel-size toothpaste tube.


100% pure botanical oils of almond, spearmint, and peppermint

No nasties here. Although, it doesn’t really taste like you would expect it to….

Taste / Smell

The liquid is very minty and slightly… metallic. I have no idea why it would taste slightly metallic. It’s not an overpowering metallic taste, but it’s definitely noticeable. It fades after a little while and just leaves a minty-fresh feeling, which I’ve had last during my sleep and into the next morning, which was a pleasant surprise. After all, who wants morning breath? Blegh…

Of course, the smell is super minty.


Don’t think of this as something similar to olive oil; it’s more similar to water. Be careful, as drops of this stuff can drip right off the toothbrush sometimes.

How to Use

OraMD Instructions


I started out with the minimum recommended amount of two drops and found that was way too much. Not used to the strength of pure spearmint and peppermint oils only slightly diluted by almond oil, it felt like my mouth was on fire. (You know how an Altoid feels? Double that... or maybe triple it…) So, I went down to one drop, and gradually worked my way up to two. It’s just something that I had to get used to.

Although I don’t have any gum issues, I do have a problem with getting canker sores often. Long before I solely used OraMD for testing for my review, I had switched to a toothpaste that was sodium lauryl sulfate-free, which did help. It seemed to me that switching entirely to OraMD further lessened the amount of canker sores that I would get, but it didn’t prevent all of them. Ones that did show up were cleared up pretty quickly, though.

As for cleaning my teeth, I don’t really feel like it did that great of a job. I kept feeling the need to add a little baking soda in for scrubbing, but refrained for testing purposes. Getting down towards the end of the bottle, though, I did switch back to my SLS-free toothpaste and just used the OraMD as a mouthwash, which seemed to work out better for me, and left me feeling cleaner. I like it as a mouthwash and breath-freshener, but not for brushing my teeth with.


I love that it’s all-natural and free from flouride, GMOs, SLS, and other nasties, and it did leave my breath fresh for a long time and seemed to help my canker sores. However, the metallic taste makes me wonder, and the extreme tingle may be too much for some people. I’m not sure how I feel about using it for brushing my teeth. I just didn’t feel like I was getting everything off my teeth. Then again, I’m used to toothpastes and the foam that accompanies them.

I’m sorry to say that I can’t really comment on this product helped my gums, as there wasn’t any problem with mine before using this. If you’re thinking of buying this to help with gum issues, I suggest you check the reviews on Amazon first.

OraMD by Trusted Health

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Elba said...

The fact that it's all natural makes it appealing to me.

Dreaming Moon said...

There's actually a lot of natural oral hygiene products out there, if you just know where to look. If there are any natural health food stores around you, they should carry something.

You can also find recipes to make your own mouthwash and toothpaste online. Maybe I should post some of those sometime... I really need to make up some more mouthwash for myself. So, maybe I'll post the recipe for that soon.