Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chocolate Octopi Recipe


In the J’Adore VoxBox from Influenster, I received a big bag of milk chocolate Hershey’s Kisses in colorful, Valentine’s-themed foil. I wanted to do something fun with them, but I couldn’t quite figure out what. Then, while I was eating blackberries, it hit me. Why not make chocolate octopi with blackberry centers?

This is a super easy and versatile recipe. I’m actually not sure if I should even be calling this a recipe…. Maybe I should have said that it’s a guide? I don’t know. Let’s just get down to the details on how to make these, shall we?

You Will Need

  • about 30 kisses, give or take a couple (Or, y’know, whatever chocolate you want, in a decent amount. It really doesn’t matter what chocolate you use.)
  • Fred and Friends Coolamari Ice Mold (You can get one off Amazon, if you can’t find one in stores. )
  • filling (I used 4 of the smallest blackberries in the pack that I bought. You can use blueberries, fresh mint, some kind of gooey stuff like jelly… Nothing is set in stone here. Let your creativity flow!)
  • bowl
  • spoon
  • chopstick, or something else small to help "paint" the inside of the molds
  • another bowl of hot water (Or you can just carefully melt the first bowl in the microwave, and skip the hot water bowl, or use a double-boiler.)

How to Make Choc-topi!

  1. Gather about 30 Hershey’s Kisses and get those all unwrapped and stick those in microwave-safe bowl. If you’re using some other chocolate, just eyeball the amount and chop/break it into little pieces into the bowl. Depending on what filling you’re going to use, you may need more or less chocolate.
  2. Stick the bowl of chocolate in the microwave and stir about every 30 seconds until it melts. Or, you can place another bowl of hot water underneath it to let it melt. There’s also the double-boiler method.
  3. Once the chocolate is melted, pour a little in each section of the mold and use your chopstick or whatever to paint it up the sides and coat the sections.
    • If you’re going to use something like jelly or peanut butter in the center, work on gradually building up the outer layer of chocolate of the octopi to make sure they don’t break when you pop them out of the mold.
    • If you’re just putting in something solid, like a berry, pour a little more chocolate in each section and stick the berry right in the middle of each.
    • Fill the rest of the way, then tap to remove air bubbles.
  4. Fridge time! I didn’t have any luck with these setting up on the counter. So, into the fridge for a chill they went! Leave them in for at least half an hour to make sure they’ve solidified properly.
  5. This is the most stressful part. Popping these guys out without damaging the tentacles can be rather tricky. What you want to do is carefully peel the silicone away from the tentacles, gradually working your way around each octopus. Once the tentacles of all the octopi are loose, then you can push on the top of the mold to free the octopi. There’s a certain “s” tentacle that breaks on me almost every time. If that happens to you, just “glue” it back on with some warm chocolate.




Disclosure: The Hershey’s Kisses mentioned in this post were provided to me complimentary by Influenster for testing purposes. The mold was purchased by my husband a while back. No compensation has been accepted for this post, and no affiliate links have been used. However, there are affiliate links in my sidebars.

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