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Review: Fuwarinka Rose Essence Soft Candy

Fuwarinka Rose Essence Soft Candy

Rose-flavored candies, teas, and other goodies have become quite popular lately. In addition to the natural Vitamin C, it’s also said that these sort of things can even affect your body odor. Of course, these candies aren’t for that; they’re for your skin. Each little candy has a dose of collagen and Vitamin C to help keep your skin looking young and vibrant, while helping to combat wrinkles.

Sounds like a bit of a tall order from a cute little candy, huh? Well, I decided I needed to try them out for myself. I’ve already had rose gum, and loved it. So, I figured, even if these candies didn’t do what they promised, they’d still be worth the taste.


This little bag of rose candies came safely tucked away in recycled Japanese newspapers in a box with some other things that I had received. It’s about the size of a typical letter envelope, and can be resealed.

The front has some basic information stating that it’s a rose candy intended for beauty purposes. There’s a bit of English, but not much. Below the main label, it says, “Makes you comfortable with scent of rose,” which is about the whole eating-rose-stuff-so-you-smell-good thing. I guess they figured they might as well throw that on the package, in addition to the beauty benefits.

The back of the packaging is almost entirely in Japanese, and gives the nutrition facts and ingredients. You’ll also find the link to Kracie’s website in the bottom right corner.


Although I’ve had a few years of Japanese languages classes, I honestly don’t feel comfortable trying to translate the ingredients on this. I can say, however, that it has collagen in it, along with Vitamin C to help with collagen absorption.

If you have any food allergies, I would consult Jbox about the ingredients, before purchase.

Amount / Size

I think there was about 25 of the candies in the bag. Unfortunately, I had eaten a decent amount of them before realizing that I should have counted them. You get plenty for the bag just being $2.20, though.

Fuwarinka Rose Candies and Marshmallows

Each candy is about the size of a mini marshmallow. You know, the ones you put in hot chocolate? Not the dehydrated ones, the ones that come in a big bag. They’re pastel pink and round, yet not completely smooth.


Upon opening the bag, I was greeted with the scent of the most fragrant roses in blossom. I haven’t noticed them affect my body odor, but I’d assume you’d have to eat a decent amount of them in one sitting for that.


These don’t quite taste as much like rose as the rose gum does, but it’s still very rosy. What I pick up on is a hint of rosehips. If you’ve never had rosehips before, the taste is a bit hard to explain. It’s somewhere between a fragrant rose and a sweet tomato. Although the taste was a bit different, I did enjoy these.

Texture / Consistency

Although the bag says that these are soft, they’re not what I would consider to be soft. The inside is more like the consistency of gum or taffy, and is surrounded by a thin, crunchy candy shell.


Although these aren’t quite what I expected, I still liked them. If you’re thinking of getting these, just keep in mind that they have a chewy center and a crunchy candy coating, and they have a slight taste of rosehips along with the pure rose flavor.

Did they do any good for my skin? I can’t really say. It would probably be better to have a 3-month supply of them to do proper testing for that. If you want some for yourself, you can click the button below. They also have gum, soap, bath salts, and even mosquito coils that are rose.


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