Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trick or Treat! - Review of the Candy Corn Lip Balm (Limited Halloween Edition) from My Lip Stuff


                       The Adventures of Pete and Pete

The Halloween season just isn’t complete without candy corn  ( or the “Halloweenie” episode of The Adventures of Pete and Pete  ). Whether you like the traditional Brach’s candy corn or have been spoiled by Jelly Belly’s candy corn in their Fall Festival mix (highly recommended!), candy corn brings joy. And if you’re like me, it’s a comfort food. I was born in October, so Halloween candy has a firm grip on my heart. 

Lucky for me, My Lip Stuff has a very yummy Candy Corn (Limited Edition) Lip Balm

Scent/Taste: Mmmm…just like candy corn… Candy Corn <—I wish that was a real piece of candy corn instead of a graphic. This lip balm makes me crave candy corn…

I put it on in the car the other day and hubby said he could smell it right when I opened it. The scent is definitely strong. Creamy butter, sugar, caramel, & a hint of vanilla make this balm smell and taste like my favorite Halloween treat. Stevia sweetened.

Ingredients: sunflower oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, essential &/or flavor oil

Lips: Ok, this is not your average lip balm. Hubby hates when I put lip balm or lip gloss on because he says it’s gunky and calls it “lip goo”. This balm is really light, but very moisturizing. My lips feel soft, but I barely feel like I’m wearing anything. And my hair doesn’t stick to my lips when I use it! My hair always sticks to the lip gloss I have. (PS Just scraped the lip gloss out and recycled the packaging last night. I’m not using that old junk when I have nice new balms. Hubby used to wipe off my gooey kisses, but I have yet to see him do it with this balm.)

I only have to swipe it once over my top and bottom lip and I’m ready to go.  It’s almost buttery. You know how soft and smooth your skin feels if you use a massage bar? That’s the closest thing I can compare it to. I guess some people could find it to be oily, but I like it. It doesn’t wear off as quickly as regular lip balms do and keeps my lips softer for a longer amount of time.


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I love My Lip Stuff’s Candy Corn (Limited Edition) Lip Balm! It’s all natural, not tested on animals and yummy! You know how I said it was part of the limited edition Halloween collection?

Well, I looked through the list and saw a couple others I want:

My birthday is coming up (10/16) so if any of you feel compelled to buy me something… 


FTC Statement: The Candy Corn (Limited Edition) Lip Balm was provided for free by My Lip Stuff in exchange for a review. This has not affected the opinions within the review.

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Sexxxay said...

Loving that ingredients list! :D
I have really dry lips, and only use Burts Bees because everything else is goopy or full of chemicals... I just ordered the candy corn buttercream balm! (God, I love buttercream... what a combination!)