Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review: Duck Tape Ducklings Mini Rolls

Duck Tape from Influenster

When Influenster put up the list of what was going to be in the Jolly VoxBox, I was excited to see something from Duck Tape. I hadn't actually seen the Mini Ducklings before, so I popped over to their site. After looking at the patterns, I couldn't wait to see what I'd get.

A little roll of Blue Surf Flower arrived. You can see that, along with the other colors/patterns available, as of 1/28/2014, below.

Duck Tape Ducklings Mini Rolls Colors and Patterns

I was pretty happy with what I was sent. To me, it’s a decently versatile pattern and pretty neutral in terms of looking feminine or masculine. My first project was to fix up my ugly old phone. It’s been with me for a long time, and has been through a lot. It really deserved a makeover. So, I set to work with my tape, scissors, and a craft knife and went to work.

In my opinion, it turned out really nicely. The new “skin” I gave my phone has been wearing nicely. Haven’t had any tears, scratches, loose tape, or sticky edges to deal with. It’s still as perfect as the day I made it over, which was probably about a month ago or so.

Duck Tape Cell Phone and iPod

Also part of this makeover was my hot pink iPod. My husband had gotten it for free, and I’ve loved it, but pink really isn’t me. So, I taped it up! Woo! And… I may have gone a little overboard making lots of little bows. (You can find the bow tutorial on Duck Tape’s website, along with other craft tutorials.)

I’m definitely impressed with the adhesion, durability, and ease of crafting with this tape. This was the first time I’ve used Duct Tape to make anything. I have to admit, it’s actually pretty addicting.

With all this crafting and the reviewing that I needed to get done, I wanted a little buddy to keep me company. And so, Squeak was born…and then he ate all of our cheese….

Squeak the Duck Tape Mouse

Then, I decided he needed feet, and he scurried up my toffee can and ate all that, too. Bad, Squeak! Bad! Oh… How can I stay mad at that cute little face? Okay, I forgive you. ♥ Let’s make a star!

Duck Tape Star

So, he helped me with his tiny paws to make this little beauty for the Christmas tree. If anyone is interested in a tutorial for the star, let me know!

And, I know I need to work on a tutorial for Squeak. He’ll get a little brother soon, since I’ll basically have to make another mouse to explain it. Squeak was totally freehand, no pattern.

Anyway, thank you so much, Influenster! I loved my Duck Tape Duckling Mini Roll, and I may have to get some other colors for Squeak’s siblings to come. (。◕ ∀ ◕。)


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