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Review: SuperiorLifeEnergy Orgonite Cone

Orgonite Cone in Nature

The orgonite cone that I received from SuperiorLifeEnergy came as a huge blessing to me. At the time, I was still dealing with the aftermath of pink eye, and was absolutely ecstatic when he asked if I’d like to test and write about his orgonite.

It has helped out tremendously, and I can’t thank him enough! For the most part, my eyes are cleared up. It’s just the occasional blahs. I recently had a chakra cleaning/healing session, though, and have been told my eyes are blocked. (Aside from the 7 main, there’s also minor chakras.) So, now that I know there’s still a blockage there, I’ll be programming my orgonite to specifically target that blockage, instead of just healing the symptoms.

Basic Orgonite

For those unfamiliar with it, orgonite is an object that is usually made from a 50/50 mix of metal shavings and resin, along with quartz crystals. The ratio of metal to resin, however, may vary, as well as the crystals and other objects included. The most notable quality of orgonite is the ability to reduce the effects of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), which can have a negative affect on your overall health. Ever get that kind of zombie-ish feeling when you’ve been at the computer for too long? Placing a piece of orgonite close can help prevent that.

If you’re interested in the science behind this, you may want to click the image above, for further information.

What’s In It

Details of SuperiorLifeEnergy Orgonite Cone

Amethyst: This is perfect for opening psychic intuitions as it opens the third eye chakra. This means say hello to psychic dreaming, lucid dreaming, and random intuitions that assist in daily life. It also has the capacity to reduce, or even eliminate, a headache or migraine. Simply holding this crystal to your forehead or just squeezing it helps to transfer the energy to you. Amethyst is calming, protective, and highly spiritual.

Carnelian: This is a very happy stone! It’s a form of red agate, which can also be used to cleanse other crystals. Carnelian increases energy and stabilizes the chakras.

Hematite: This is awesome for stress reduction! Aids in eliminating anxiety and depression. Hematite has a been used to stop bleeding and reduce swelling in ancient times. This, however, has become lost knowledge. Excellent for grounding excess energy and negative thoughts.

Blue Kyanite: One of the stones that never need cleansing. Blue kyanite works primarily on the throat chakra, but also has the ability align all chakras during meditation. The best part about it is its ability to assist one with connecting with your guides and angels.

Seashells: healing energy from the sea

Quality / Craftsmanship

Bottom of SuperiorLifeEnergy Cone

This cone has such a wonderful energy to it. It’s smooth and calming, and has been a great help in healing my eyes.

The layers in this cone are lovely, and look amazing in the sunlight. No matter what angle I have it at, the amethyst in the clear upper part of the cone just lights up! The resin is fairly smooth, and crystal clear with some tiny little bubbles on the inside that also catch the light.

Although it doesn’t bother me, I feel it’s important to note that the bottom edge isn’t completely smooth, and the bottom of the orgonite is a bit rough, as well. There are small small bits of the metal curls that are sticking out a bit. There’s also some bits where the resin didn’t cover around the outside. This does not affect the overall energy/effectiveness of the orgonite.

Artist Information

SuperiorLifeEnergy Orgonite

Laquan is such a wonderful artist to work with. He helped me out a lot, while I was experimenting with his orgonite; which I plan to experiment with more, as soon as I can get my husband to get an EMF detector for me.

Email or call/text 215 834 9223 to place an order.

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He also makes orgonite pendants, crystal jewelry, bracelets, and more!

Overall Opinion

I really can’t thank SuperiorLifeEnergy enough for this beauty! It’s been a great help to me, and travels around my house regularly. Wherever I’ve going to be at for more than half an hour, I set it near me.

If you’re thinking about getting some orgonite, definitely check out SuperiorLifeEnergy! And, make sure you check out his photos! So many beautiful pieces…. and he holds giveaways sometimes!


FTC Statement: This orgonite cone was given to me free of charge, in exchange for a review. No compensation has been accepted for this post. this has not affected the opinions within this review, and complies with FTC standards.

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