Saturday, October 20, 2012

J-List 16th Anniversary Sale!

J-list is celebrating their 16th Anniversary right now, and is offering customers double points on all cosplay/fashion items and English graphic novels! So, if you’re gearing up for Halloween, a cosplay, or just want something cute to wear this month, it’s a great time to buy! (To learn more about their point system, click here.)

Lacquered Paulownia Geta     Peacock & Sakura Women's Pink Kimono     DX Basic TABI Socks
If you’re interested in traditional clothing, there are plenty of geta, beautiful kimono, tabi socks, and more.

     The Ninja Portable Umbrella     Necomimi Neurowear
If you’re more into cosplay, there are plenty of costumes and accessories, including ninja sword umbrellas and the brainwave-powered Necomimi cat ears that you can twitch and move like real cat ears! (I have a pair. Review soon!) Don’t worry. They have other colors besides the white cat ears.

Animania Gothic Punk Wear Monotone Set         
And then there’s all the gothic lolita and cute Japanese fashion items, which I wish I could pull off…

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