Monday, October 22, 2012

Review of the Nyan Egg NEKO TAMAGO 2 ~ Russian

Nyan Egg NEKO TAMAGO 2 ~ Russian | JBOX

JBOX has loads of kawaii goods, but the Russian Neko Tamago really caught my eye. This roly poly keychain kitty that comes nestled in its own individual egg carton reminded me so much of the family cat that I just couldn’t resist him. These little guys are perfect for cell phone charms, hanging off your purse, key rings, and anywhere you want to add a little charm to.


My Russian Neko Tamago came jam packed in a package from JBox with some other things I ordered. They waste no space or postage when shipping, and I’ve had no issues with anything being damaged when it arrives. Each time I’ve ordered, they include a little sample size packet of tissues with a little slip printed with images of other items that they carry. They also use Japanese newspaper to pack things with, so it’s eco-friendly and you can even read a little bit of news or manga.

Packaging of Nyan Egg NEKO TAMAGO 2 ~ Russian

Inside was my little neko nestled in his plastic sing egg carton. The wrapper says Neko Tamago a few times, has a warning written entirely in Japanese which I can’t fully translate, and it also says the package is a 1 PET plastic so you can recycle it. It also says “たいしょうねんれい6さいいしょう”, which I think says that it’s meant for children age 6 and up. “ねこたまご” means “neko tamago” and then it says “ロシア ソ” which means it’s a blue Russian breed of cat.

Design / Quality

This little guy is literally the size of a large chicken egg, and is very similar in shape. There’s a small loop of black ribbon attached to his head where about 6” of ball chain is threaded through. The chain has a sort of snap closure. You just thread one of the balls on the end of the chain through a hole in the closure and snap it into place. It’s very secure, and I’ve had no issues with it coming loose or losing my kitty.

This isn’t the only breed that is available. There are plenty more; even more than what is depicted below.

Neko Tamago | JBOX

The quality of construction of this little guy is great. I haven’t seen any strings, holes, loose bits, or anything problematic. His shape and features are just as they’re depicted in the product photos. He shouldn’t loose his shape anytime soon, since he’s stuffed tight with what I would assume is probably polyfill. His faux fur is soft and short, with no bald spots anywhere.


This is an adorable reminder of my cat that was so close to me that he was like a little brother, and he’s absolutely perfect. Cute box, cute design, and high-quality durability, this little guy has it all! Plus, they cost about as much as the average keychain. I may have to start collecting them…


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jamie tucker said...

very interesting toy. i wonder if it would make a good collectors item

Dreaming Moon said...

Seeing as there's a whole line of them, and they can be kept safe in their own little plastic egg cartons, I don't see why not. ^-^