Monday, October 22, 2012

iVi Scents Going Out of Business Sale

iVi Scents

Unfortunately, I have such sad news to share. iVi Scents, one of my favorite stores for body-safe (no parabens, phthalates, GMO’s, mineral oils, triclosan, or cruelty) bath and body products is going out of business… Everything is 50% off right now, and things have been getting close to selling out FOREVER!

Their soap is some of the best that I’ve ever bought. It smells wonderful, and fills the whole bathroom with scent even when not in use. ~ Come back home from a bad day. Smell the bathroom. Mmm…. Life is now 20% better.~ It lathers with little effort, and it’s great for my sensitive skin. They come in loads of awesome scents like Ozone, Sandcastle, Hawaiian Cake, Milk and Honey, and Peppermint Kissed. These are what I’ll be stocking up on soon.

iCing Body Frosting | iVi Scents

They also have pretty awesome body butters, but they do contain silicones. Dimethicone, to be exact. At one point, they actually carried bath bombs, perfumes from Demeter Fragrance, and I think they had some lip balms, too.

So, why are they going out of business if they have all these awesome products? Well, once things were taking off to the point where the owner and creator of the line couldn’t supply the orders by herself, she moved to a lab. This eliminated the products besides the soaps and the body butters, and it also drove the prices up. Even though I adore her soaps, $6.99 per bar was just too much for my wallet. Unfortunately, I think maybe she just priced herself out of the market. (Or Apple went after her because of the lower-case ‘I’ in everything…) And now that she’s having a going out of business sale, the soaps are cheaper than they’ve ever been.

If you’ve never signed up with iVi Scents before, you can get a $5 eGiftcard when you signup for the newsletter, which is enough to get one of the soaps, with almost enough left over to get one of the towel treats. If you have any loyalty points accumulated on your account, now is the time to cash them in for gift cards.

iVi Scents Going Out of Business Sale

I have no idea when the store is actually closing. There’s been very little information put out by the owner about the business closing. So, I guess, once everything is sold out completely, the site will be gone.

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