Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Pocky Day Sale Purchase from Jbox

In case you didn’t know, Jbox is having a Pocky Day sale in honor of Pocky Day, which is today… Sorry that I forgot to tell everyone… It’s not really a say, per se; you’re just getting double points on snacks, which is still awesome. Once you gather enough points, you can use them to get money off future orders.
Anyway, below is what I ordered. Yeah, the shipping kind of kills, but that’s what happens when you order something from Japan from the US.

UHA Puccho Ramune FlavorFrito-Lay Blue Cheese CheetosFuwarinka Gum Rose FlavorPocari Sweat Powder


I’ll let you know when it gets here! I can’t wait for the Ramune UHA Puccho! And Pocari Sweat is even better than Gatorade, when I’m sick. It’ll be nice to have some of that on hand again.

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