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Sustainable Beauty - Review of Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear™ Bamboo Silk Face Powder Refill (Creamy Natural)

Physicians Formula® Bamboo Wear™ Bamboo Silk Face Powder Refill

Hypoallergenic. Fragrance Free. Paraben Free. Dermatologist Approved. Non-Comedogenic. Oil-Free.

For a while, I had been using Physicians Formula® Organic Wear Face Powder (Translucent), but I was running dangerously low. On one of our regular outings, my mother and I stopped at Target to check out some of the makeup for each of us. Turned out she was looking for some face powder, too. Since very few companies have safe products (IE No parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, etc), my mom tends to get a bit flustered trying to find something safe.

I led her over to the section with Physicians Formula® cosmetics and promptly noticed the new Bamboo Wear™ line. Looking over the ingredient list, everything seemed fine. The package states that the product is, “free of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances”.

Coverage: Unfortunately, I have some stubborn blackheads that have been with me for quite a while; and I’ve been searching for something that will help cover them up until I can get rid of them. Thankfully, the Bamboo Silk Face Powder covers them really well. It does a fair job covering any pimples I may get, too (Darn those pms pimples…).

Another thing, I pluck my eyebrows. Why? I have to. Thank you, grandpa, for giving me your eyebrows… Anyway, when those hair start to grow back in, that means little black dots. The Bamboo Silk Face Powder covers those pretty well, and I like to use the lighter part where the bamboo design is to highlight my brow bone. I love the fact that it covers those dots so well. If a face powder can’t do that for me, I’m returning it to the store.

Because the Bamboo Silk Face Powder is bi-colored, it helps to give my skin that nice, smooth look. The combination of two colors helps even out skin tone. If you have scars from pimples, chickenpox, or something else, this will help make your skin look more like it has one even tone of color.

How Long Does it Last?

My skin naturally tends to get oil towards the evening, but I haven’t had to re-apply the Bamboo Silk Face Powder. It really does seem to absorb the extra oil that my skin produces.


I love the Bamboo Silk Face Powder. The first time I put it on, I did think my skin looked healthier. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just in my head, though. Reading that a product can do something can trick your mind into thinking it really does even if it doesn’t. However, when I met my mom later that day, she asked me what I had been doing to my skin and that it looked better. My mom is not one to lie or to say something just to make me feel better. She’s blunt, just like me. Also, when we went out to lunch with my old boss from the Painted Daisy art gallery, she said I looked good, too. Between the three of us, I think the Bamboo Silk Face Powder gets some pretty good ratings. 

How is it Sustainable?

Physicians Formula® Bamboo Wear™ Bamboo Compact The Bamboo Silk Face Powder Refill is simply that, a refill. It’s nothing more than powder cake in a metal pan which is meant to fit in the Bamboo Compact. Bamboo is very sustainable and grows like fire. It can actually grow up to eight feet in one day! Bamboo is very durable and makes a wonderful reusable compact. Whenever you need more Bamboo Silk Face Powder, you just buy a refill. No wasted cardboard or plastic compact to throw out when the powder is spent. You just keep using the same one.


Wear Instructions: May be worn alone or over makeup. Lightly brush powder over face and neck to even out skin tone. For the most even application, be sure to tap excess powder from brush before applying. For best results on dry to very dry skin, apply moisturizer prior to using powder.

Available Shades: Translucent, Creamy Natural, and Beige


5 Hearts

Any powder that can cover my blackheads while being completely safe and sustainable is ok in my book. 

Physicians Formula® Bamboo Wear™

FTC Statement: The Bamboo Wear™ Bamboo Silk Face Powder Refill was provided by Physicians Formula® for free in exchange for an honest review. This has not affected the opinions within the review, and complies with FTC standards.

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