Friday, November 5, 2010

Beautiful Bamboo - Review of Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear™ Bamboo Compact

Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear™ Bamboo Compact

I was excited to see the new line and compact looked nice. I definitely need something durable because the compact that my Organic Wear Face Powder came in did not survive. One of the covers eventually ripped off the paper hinge… I’m rough on my cosmetics. I’m always in a hurry in the morning, so everything just gets pitched around.

Thankfully, since I’m trying out the new Physicians Formula® Bamboo Wear™ line, I can use something more durable. The Bamboo Compact is designed to replace all the other throw-aways that just end up as waste in a landfill. Instead of buying a completely compact every time you use up all of your makeup, the Bamboo Wear™ line consists of the empty Bamboo Compact (Mirror and brush included. By empty, I mean that there’s no makeup in it.) and Face Powder or Bronzer refills. Much better for the environment and less in my waste basket.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable material and very durable. It grows like fire (up to eight feet per day) and won’t break during even the most fierce winds and storms. Perfect for me. Plus, it’s a beautiful material and has become popular for use in household flooring. The compact has bamboo silk-screened onto the front of it and enhances the eco-friendly vibes that it puts off. Aside from the compact being natural, the brush is also made of 100% natural hairs with a 100% bamboo handle.

The compact is composed of two compartments; one which is designed to hold the powder refill and another that has an attached mirror and space to hold a brush. There are six small magnets within the compact. Two are for holding the powder refill in place, while the other four are for keeping the sliding compartments of the compact secure.

Directions for Use

Swivel the lid to open the top compartment in order to access the mirror and brush. Swivel again to reveal the bottom compartment and insert your powder refill pan into this compartment. It will simply drop into place in the cavity and will be held securely by two magnets in the bottom of the cavity. Once your powder refill is spent, just use the finger notch to lift the empty pan up. Swivel in reverse to seal the compact back up.

One Thing Bothers Me

The brush has a bad tendency of losing hairs. It wouldn’t be bad if it would have just been a couple, but I’d say mine has lost around 20 hairs. It’s really annoying.


4.5 Hearts


The only reason I’m taking off half a point is because of the brush losing hairs. It wasn’t really a big deal after the loose hairs came out, but it was annoying. After the first couple, I washed the brush out thoroughly to make sure all of the loose hairs were out. I haven’t had anymore problems since. Otherwise, it seems very durable and I love that it swivels instead of flipping like normal compacts.



FTC Statement: The Bamboo Wear™ Bamboo Compact was provided by Physicians Formula® for free in exchange for a review. This has not affected the opinions within the review.

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