Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Minetoys Review & Coupon Code

Minetoys Figure

By now, most Minecraft enthusiasts have seen life-size foam swords, Creeper plushies, and various figurine sets. Those are all awesome, but maybe you want something a little more personal? Perhaps a figurine of your Minecraft self or one of your friend or others dear to you?

Minetoys is a company that focuses on making 3D models of Minecraft personas. I had been thinking of attempting this myself, but had no idea how to go about it. One day, I was searching Google for some help and stumbled upon Minetoys. Needless to say, I squee-ed. Problem solved!

Excited beyond reason, since I no longer had to wrack my brain to figure out how to craft the perfect figure out of resin and a mold that I had failed horribly at, I decided to contact the folks at Minetoys to see if they’d be interested in a review. They agreed, and were very nice to work with. The little figurine even arrived before their estimated delivery date!

The little guy arrived in a box from Shapeways (the manufacturer) about the size that you’d expect for a couple of novels. The figure inside was wrapped in pea-size bubble wrap with quarter-size bubble wrap wrapped around that. So, no worries about the brittle figure incurring any damage during shipping.

Side-by-side of Minetoys Figure

I’m pretty impressed by the quality. The grit of the sandstone makes it look a little more realistic to me, and the colors seem true (though my husband thinks they’re a tad off). It’s hollow and light. For size comparison of the small version that I received, here it is next to a flash drive, which I attempted to dis-assemble and see if it would fit in him. Nope, but it would be interesting to have a custom flash drive designed to look like your own Minecraft character. Of course, a sturdier plastic would be better for that.

Minetoys Size Comparison

If you’re thinking about getting a 3D model of your Minecraft skin made, it’s insanely easy. Just go to the Minetoys website, enter in your Minecraft Username, decide if you want to use the hat and hair layers of the skin, pick what size you want, and submit your email. They’ll send you an email with the link to the freshly-made custom product page, where you can see what a mock up of your model will look like.This goes through company called Shapeways. You’ll need to enter the coupon code while on the Minetoys site, when you’re getting the info ready for them to make the product page, though.


Minetoys Coupon Code


Many thanks to Minetoys for the awesome little figure of my husband’s Minecraft persona! Now, to get started on a little desktop building for him to live in… Shhh! Don’t tell him!



FTC Statement: This item was provided to And The Dreaming Moon… for free by Minetoys in exchange for an honest review. No further compensation has been accepted. This has not affected the opinions within the review, and complies with FTC standards.

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