Sunday, November 3, 2013

Brown Bag Soap Co. Giveaway at Spunky Real Deals

So, I had seen a banner for Brown Bag Soap Co. in Spunky Real Deals' sidebar, while entering another one of her giveaways for some lovely jewelry. After checking out their site, I headed to their Twitter profile to follow them, and found out that SRD is having a giveaway for some of their soap! This was amazing luck on my part, since there was only 4 hours left when I entered.

There's still a little bit of time left, so head over there to enter! Why am I telling you this? The more people that enter, the less my chance of winning gets...

Pffft... I don't believe in that! Your chances of winning are the same no matter what. Whatever the Universe has planned for you will happen no matter what. So, share I shall!

Anyway, I really hope I win, though. I would love to try their soaps! If/when I do, there shall be a review! I'm actually using some from JR Naturals right now, and should have a review of that up sometime soon.

Enough with my jabbering. Go enter before it's too late!

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